Mango: Molotov launches free VoD

Molotov today announced the launch of a completely free offering of movies, documentaries and shows for children, entirely funded by advertising. This listing is mango.

In a landscape already overflowing with numerous paid offers (SVoD), Molotov is the first French gamer to offer a free alternative to the public by opening up his platform to all rights holders who want to monetize their content through advertising.

More than a thousand programs are offered from the start. The bouquet consists essentially of films, unusual, historical or scientific documentaries and cartoons, which are enriched every week. Ultimately, thousands of films and programs will be available on the platform for free upon request.

Around ten contracts have already been signed with rights holders such as Kabillion, Zylo, ACI, FIP, ZED, Commercial Und, Sonar, ITV, Mediawan, Trade Media & Dynamic and Crome Films, and talks are ongoing with Sony Bilder, Endemol, Lions Gate and Wild Bunch …

The platform will also welcome offers from other publishers, as is already the case with the distribution of television players.

For JeanDavid Blanc (Founding President of Molotov): “For Molotov it was completely logical to introduce the AVoD model in France, the massive movement of which can be seen in the USA. Beyond this growth opportunity, Mango embodies Molotov’s philosophy and mission, which is to offer programs that are free and paid for all, and to offer rightsholders a complementary income model. “

Molotov is today:

More than 170 channels and publishers are distributed on the platform

A free offer for access to 34 channels as well as the free VOD offer

Paid options like Molotov Plus, Molotov Extended, OCS, Ciné + …

Cloud recording

Reminder of offers:

Molotow consists of 3 offers: The free offer, which is financed by advertising (live control), the 4-screen plus offer for € 3.99 (58 channels, live control, Ultra HD, NPCR, Start Over everywhere available in Europe) and the extended 4-screen offer for € 9.99 (96 channels, direct control, Ultra HD, NPCR, Start Over available everywhere in Europe)