Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4 / PS5): More than 20 million copies sold?

Whatever one might think of the Spider-Man license on PlayStation, its popularity cannot be questioned. The LinkedIn profile of David Bull, Global Marketing Leader at PlayStation, shows that Marvel’s Spider-Man (and its remaster on PS5) have sold more than 20 million copies since its inception! This course (what can I say, this peninsula!) Confirms a long-term success: the game had sold more than 3 million times in 3 days when it was launched.

The last official brand reported 13.2 million sales in July 2019 (just before Sony acquired Insomniac Games). So if we stick to the latest known dates, Marvel’s Spider-Man would be the second most popular Sony license, right behind the masterpiece The Last of Us (PS3 / PS4), which topped $ 20 million. ‘Copies in May 2019. and before Uncharted 4 (16 million at last score).

Finally, for fans, remember that Spider-Man Miles Morales (PS5) is available for 59.99 euros.