Messenger and Instagram add messages that are automatically deleted

Facebook once again decided to copy Snapchat at the Instagram and Messenger level. In a new mode you can send messages that are automatically deleted as soon as they are seen by the recipient.

Facebook explains that with this new mode it is possible to send a message, photo, video, GIF or sticker. Just open a conversation and swipe up to get the new option. And since the messages automatically disappear after viewing, unlike a “normal” conversation, it is not possible to find them later.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network claims they certainly made this new mode a priority. It is only possible to send and receive messages that automatically disappear from people you are in contact with. So there is no spam from strangers. It is also possible to decline the mode while a contact is offering it. And when the contact takes a screenshot, you will receive a notification.

Messages that disappear after reading are now available in Messenger. Facebook says it exists in the United States “and a handful of other countries”. The social network does not indicate which ones. As for Instagram, the feature will be available soon.