Microsoft introduces an Xbox One controller “The Mandalorian” … which is billed at full price

The second season of The Mandalorian hits Disney + on October 30th. With a keen sense of timing, Microsoft introduces The Mandalor, an Xbox One controller (but also PC and Xbox Series X / S compatible) inspired by the universe from the series. With its industrial look and deceptively aged patterns, the controller appears to have lived a few years deep in one of Tatooine’s caves. It is frankly successful, especially since the accessories are accompanied by a charging station of the same type in terms of design. Even so, Microsoft didn’t go for the back of the spoon when it comes to pricing. The Mandalorian controller is available on the Xbox website for $ 169.99. And the best part is that it’s already sold out!

The Mandalor isn’t a race, it’s a creed and now a controller too. Http://

– Xbox (@Xbox) October 26, 2020

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