Near future: soon armed forces made up of robots?

What if Terminator wasn’t just a movie after all? Of course, the army of the near future will undoubtedly not be made up of killer humanoids, but for Nick Carter, General of the United Kingdom Armed Forces, robots will occupy an increasingly important place. In an interview with the Guardian, the general confirmed that 25% of the British Army will be robots … within 10 years. The massive arrival of machines was supposed to make up for the lack of recruitment (deficit of 10,000 new soldiers). In addition, these robotic technologies require the recruitment of highly skilled engineers and developers.

Lots of robots in the British Army? Robot yes, but not the T800

Make no mistake, however: Her Majesty’s Army’s robots are mostly used for specific tasks such as mine clearance or even combat drones. The T1000 in a war zone is therefore not (yet) a reality, especially since many countries (including France) have spoken out against the production of killer robots, given the inexorable progress of machines.