Netflix Direct: Netflix launches the equivalent of a TV channel

Services like Netflix give subscribers freedom. You can watch a movie or series at any time of the day. Today, Netflix is ​​inspired by television by launching Direct, a TV channel equivalent.

Netflix Direct is being tested in France. The streaming service provides the same real-time stream to all subscribers who see the same thing. The idea is really to get inspiration from a television station that has programs at certain times. “A lot of viewers like the idea of ​​programming where they don’t have to choose what to watch,” says Netflix France. “You can get carried away without having to choose a specific title,” adds the platform.

Netflix Direct will be tested starting today for certain French subscribers. This is only available on the web version of Netflix. The feature will be available to everyone from the beginning of December.

Since today we are testing a new direct function with some of you only via the web browser. You can watch defined programs at any time of the day.

You don’t have to decide, just let yourself be carried away!

– Netflix France (@NetflixFR) November 5, 2020

To access it, just go to the Netflix website (, connect, and click the Direct button in the top right.