Nintendo set a record profit last semester

While the media, YouTubers and influencers only have the next generation in their mouths, Nintendo is allowing itself to bury the game without major publications in the catalog and with a console based on a mobile processor. In the period from April to September 2020, Nintendo achieved sales of 7 billion dollars (6.28 billion euros), which is almost double the cumulative sales between April and September 2019 (4 billion USD). It’s better than Sony for the period, better than Microsoft too, and yet that’s nothing compared to earnings growth.

During the same period, Nintendo posted an operating profit of nearly $ 3 billion and a net profit of just over $ 2 billion. No other console manufacturer could compare such results with the current 6 months. This incredible success can be attributed to both game and console sales. Super Mario 3D All-Stars has sold over 5 million copies and the venerable Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hit a staggering 26 million copies! 20 Switch games have already passed a million copies.

As for the Switch, sales are breaking the cap. The small hybrid console has sold 68.3 million times since its inception! In the last quarter (June-September 2020) 6.86 million switches were sold. For the half-year, Switch sales increased 81% (12.53 million copies). Quite breathtaking. Given these extravagant results, Nintendo now plans to sell 24 million Switches (between April and March 2021) and 170 million games over the course of the fiscal year, which is way above its original targets (19 million consoles and 140 million games). Mazette !! The financial target for the (financial) year is 11.4 billion euros with a net profit of 2.4 billion euros.