Nintendo Switch: A demo of cloud games on the console

Cloud gaming is slowly but surely making its debut on the Nintendo Switch. It started a few months ago in Japan with a handful of games. Now Europe and the rest of the world can play control of the cloud.

Nintendo announced the arrival of the game from Remedy Entertainment yesterday during a Nintendo Direct Mini. It is possible to download Control with a 98 MB application directly from the eShop on the Switch. You then have to pay € 39.99 to get full access to the game. A test lesson will be offered that will allow you to test the title and especially the stability of cloud games.

According to the initial feedback from the players, the experience is quite positive. There’s no particular latency, which is a good point for a game like Control.

The player has access to two modes. The first (“Improved Graphics”) offers ray tracing and 30 frames per second. The second option (“Improved Performance”) disables ray tracing, but allows 60 frames per second. It is always possible to switch from one to the other. Here is a video of cloud games on Switch.

One big question concerns cloud gaming on Switch itself: who cares? Nintendo didn’t say anything on the matter. We don’t know if it’s your cloud or if Remedy Entertainment is using its own solution. Otherwise it could be a different group. Hopefully Nintendo will be a little more transparent in the future.

The dawn of cloud gaming on Switch

Note that Control isn’t the only cloud gaming game on the Switch. Nintendo has already announced that Hitman 3 will also be available in this form. The game will be released in 2021. Now, see if the cloud brings more games to Switch over the months. It would be a way to have AAA games on the Nintendo console.