Oculus Quest 2: The latest update offers a 90 Hz display by default

We almost waited. Thanks to the v23 update, Oculus Quest 2 is displayed in 90 Hz by default on all elements of the user interface (Home, Guardian and Passthrough). With games we still have to wait until the studios are up to date. Superhot VR, Echo VR, or even Beat Saber will be served first, but we’re eagerly awaiting a 90Hz extension for all VR titles that require quick movements. For example, Racket Fury (a futuristic ping pong game) is a real treat for PSVR, but it loses a lot of recognition accuracy and display fluidity with the Oculus Quest, mainly due to the 72 display. Hz.

The Oculus Link, which had already partially switched to 90 Hz, is finally leaving its beta phase and benefiting from the passage of a brand new interface. The next update will bring an Oculus Store app to a member of the Oculus friends list.

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