OnePlus Watch: No Wear OS for the connected watch?

The OnePlus Watch cannot run on Wear OS, the operating system from Google. This is announced by Max Jambor, a well-known leaker about OnePlus.

This choice can be surprising, especially given OnePlus’ position. Most smartwatches run on Wear OS. This makes it easier for manufacturers who can use an existing operating system. Only a few groups can do without it. There is Apple that uses watchOS, its own operating system. Then there is Samsung with Tizen. But for others, it’s Wear OS.

Then the question comes: what will OnePlus choose for its OnePlus watch instead of Wear OS? It’s a mystery for now. It would be really surprising if the brand launched its own connected watch operating system. It takes a lot of resources and OnePlus doesn’t seem to have them. But the manufacturer can surprise us.

We’ve heard of a OnePlus watch for a while. It was a project a few years ago. OnePlus then put the idea in a drawer. But the group seems to be back to work lately, as shown by a recent tweet. “More is happening in the OnePlus ecosystem. It’s just a matter of time, ”we read last month.