OnlyOffice Docs (ex-Document Server) available: What’s new?

The European publisher rearranges its products and introduces OnlyOffice Docs, a generic name that replaces OnlyOffice Document Server, Integration Edition, and Developer Edition. Here’s what’s changing.

OnlyOffice Docs now includes all online editors (word processing, presentation and spreadsheets) that can be integrated with third party platforms. The latest version (6.0) was also just released under this new identity.

The suite licensed under AGPL v.3 is an alternative to Zoho, GSuite, Dropbox Paper and of course Microsoft365.

Three issues of OnlyOffice Docs

The LibreOffice-based office suite is available in three editions:

Docs Community Edition, a free version distributed under the terms of the AGPL v.3 license that allows up to 20 simultaneous connections;

Docs Enterprise Edition, retail version with technical support and “Scalability”;

Docs Developer Edition, second commercial version for web service developers to integrate publishers into web applications.

Download the community version

You can download both free and open source versions of OnlyOffice Docs from this page: Docker image, Debian image (Ubuntu and derivatives), and Red Hat image (CentOS, Fedora and derivatives).

What price?

The pricing model is based on the number of simultaneous connections, starting at € 139 for a Linux or Windows home server.

Presentation of OnlyOffice Docs in the video

A presentation was published in English this week. It is provided by Mikhail Korotaev (Senior Marketing Manager).