Oppo introduces the Oppo X 2021, its impressive rollable smartphone

Has Oppo just found THE perfect solution to expand the display area of ​​our smartphones at will? Rumor has it that Oppo’s first roll-up smartphone was unveiled at the Oppo Inno 2021 conference. In contrast to the Mate X and other Galaxy Folds, the Oppo X 2021 does not bend, but rather expands thanks to a sliding hinge system called the Oppo Roll Motor. The effect is bluff and, to be honest, elegant: the technology used by Oppo avoids the “brick” effect of foldable smartphones with “double thickness”.

The Oppo X 2021 can thus stretch from a 6.7-inch screen (like the iPhone 12 Pro Mac) to a 7.4-inch panel, this time closer to an iPad mini in terms of form factor. The Oppo Roll Motor enables constant and fluid unwinding thanks to two mini motors integrated under the plate. Even better, it is possible to partially unwind the smartphone and thus benefit from a display area of ​​”your choice”. Oppo also reassures potential buyers who fear that this technology will no longer protect the screen. The roll-up area Oppo X 2021 is provided with a 0.1 mm thick Warp Track protective layer.

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