Orange 5G will be available “in a few weeks”

Stéphane Richard announced that Orange 5G will be available on November 18th. The Orange CEO was wrong, however, as the incumbent operator doesn’t offer 5G today. We’ll have to wait a few more weeks.

“We will have access to 5G from November 18, where there are obviously 5G antennas,” Stéphane Richard stated in relation to 5G at BFM Business. But the CEO of Orange got a little carried away and customers will have to wait a little longer at some point. “5G will be available in the first cities in the next few weeks. We are waiting for approval to broadcast ANFR, ”an Orange spokesman told 01net.

On its website, Orange talks about a launch of 5G in its network for December 2020. The operator explains that it is a two-stage launch:

December 2020: Use of 5G at 4G locations in areas with high demand (very dense areas) + economic areas From 2023: Introduction of the 5G core network. Extreme network reaction times and differentiated performance and service quality (slicing) enable disruptive uses to occur: e-health, networked cars, smart cities, etc.

Despite the (for the time being) missing network, Orange is already offering 5G packages. There are offers with 70, 100 and 150 GB. There’s even a plan with unlimited internet for € 94.99 / month.

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