OVHcloud and Google are merging to form a European cloud

OVHcloud (OVH) announces that it has signed a partnership with Google Cloud. This agreement aims to help European companies accelerate their transformation in the cloud. It is based on a response to stringent data security and confidentiality requirements.

OVHcloud will offer a new hosted private cloud offering that combines Google Cloud’s Anthos technology, compatible with open source technologies, from its own dedicated infrastructure. This is presented as hyper-scalable by the OVHcloud teams and fully used and managed in Europe.

Anthos is a tool that developers can use to transfer existing applications to the cloud or create new ones on the fly. For OVHcloud, which has often denounced the dangers of the great dependence of Europeans on American cloud platforms, this step is symbolically significant. However, OVHcloud believes that this ability to use Google code on its own servers under the responsibility of its own developers is an opportunity to be exploited.

In a press release, the two groups state the following:

The two companies plan to develop joint solutions that will allow their customers to take full advantage of an open, multi-cloud approach while incorporating a large ecosystem of developers.

This agreement signals a strong commitment to delivering innovative solutions to customers, helping them develop their digital skills, and fostering collaboration with the open source community.

Cédric O is satisfied with the agreement between OVHcloud and Google Cloud

Cédric O responded to this partnership between OVHcloud and Google Cloud. For the Foreign Minister for Digital Media, “this offer is clearly in the right direction”. He believes that this is positive “both for European independence and for the economic development of our national champions”.

As a reminder: OVHcloud is one of the 22 founding members of Gaia X, a project of the German and French governments to develop a European cloud offering. The latter does not aim to produce a giant like the American or Chinese group, but a galaxy of operators who work according to common standards. A kind of “marketplace” where every potential customer can find what he needs without leaving European jurisdiction.