Pixel 5: peeled off your screen? That’s “normal,” says Google

People who bought a Pixel 5 have noticed a gap between the screen and their smartphone. So the screen is a little absent. But Google assures us: it’s “normal”.

“It’s a normal part of your Pixel 5’s design,” says Google on its forums. The group states that they have analyzed several customer models and verified them against their quality control data. Everything is good that users love.

This detached screen raises questions for certain customers, especially the IP68. Is the smartphone with such a screen waterproof? “No impact on the water and dust resistance or the functionality of your phone,” says Google. Nevertheless, the company will “work with customers on a case-by-case basis to address their concerns.”

According to user feedback, not all Pixel 5s have a peeling screen. But those who have it notice that dust can get in and get stuck. It’s pretty annoying as you can imagine. This is especially true for those who keep their Pixel 5 for several years. The situation will get worse over time.

We can definitely be surprised when Google says it’s “normal”. And over time, not all Pixel 5s will be affected by this peeling screen.