Pro-Trump hackers attack among us

We have to believe that surviving in space poses even more dangers than expected. For the past few days, many Among Us players have reported a hack promoting a YouTube channel and a discord on behalf of Eric Loris. An automated message appears to infect all players in a game and also includes a subtle “Trump 2020” and a link to a website promoting hacks for various games. Reports are on the rise, particularly on Reddit’s Affiliated Among Us page, and repeated attacks have forced the InnerSloth company to warn its players.

The small team of three enthusiasts have already had many cheating problems with this game, the success of which has exploded in recent months. So programmer Forest Williard recommends continuing to play private games with friends while waiting to find a solution to this problem. He had to start an urgent update after being careful with the reports. It remains to be seen whether this aggressive advertising will help the Trump camp, to say the least, or have the opposite effect. So be careful online until this issue is resolved.

Hello everyone,
We are very aware of the current hacking problem and are investigating it. We will be releasing an emergency server update so people who are in the game will be banned from playing. Please play private games or with people you trust !!! Naked with us !! 😰

– InnerSloth (@InnerslothDevs) October 23, 2020

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