PS5: 1440p could arrive with an update, says Sony

Players with a PS5 can have 1080p or 4K but 1440p. It’s a disappointment to those who play on monitors. These have upscaled 1080p. But Sony is now suggesting that native support could come later.

The reveal is made by PlayStation managers Masayasu Ito and Hideaki Nishino in an interview with AV Watch. “I want to prioritize support for television,” says Hideaki Nishino. He ensures that there is “absolutely no technical problem” with a new definition. As a result, Sony could add native 1440p support to the PS5 later with a software update. Everything will depend on the opinions of the players and the number of requests, the executive says.

The announcement of the lack of 1440p on PS5 comes just a few days ago. Many players did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction with this topic. It is therefore possible that Sony will hear them and later offer an update with this support.

In comparison, the Xbox Series X available for purchase today supports 1440p natively. Gamers can therefore connect the console to a 1440p monitor and enjoy that definition. This is not possible with the PS5 … at least initially.