PS5 and Xbox Series X / S: Orange strengthens its Internet network

In addition to containment, Orange and other operators are about to launch the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Their internet networks are in high demand and Orange says they are doing whatever it takes to avoid problems.

“We are mobilizing additional teams to monitor the networks and check that nothing is preventing them from working properly when we expect extraordinary events like these,” explains Laurent Perrier, Head of Supervision at Orange. “You always have to anticipate. You don’t increase the capacity of a network overnight, ”adds the executive.

Some PS5 or Xbox series X / S games are very heavy and exceed 100GB. In addition, there are updates that can also be difficult. Suffice it to say that bandwidth is in great demand. It must be said that Orange and the other operators already have significant demand from the French during containment. But this time they handle the situation better than the spring protector.

Orange recently announced that Internet traffic on its network has increased 20% since it was hired. The operator stated that the consumption of mobile data was higher this time than during the first delivery.