PS5: Saving games on a USB device is taken into account

Saving your PS5 games to a USB device (hard drive or external SSD) is not possible. However, Sony does let it be known that the idea is being considered. The situation can change over time with updates.

Sony is now offering a big Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for the PS5 just before marketing. When asked “Can I save or start PS5 games from a USB device?” Sony says:

No, players cannot transfer PS5 games to a USB device. PS5 games should be stored on the console’s ultra-fast internal SSD. We’re considering an upcoming update that will allow gamers to save (but not start) their PS5 games on a USB device.

However, you can save and play your PS4 games from a compatible USB device connected to your PS5 console.

With that in mind, Sony states that the PS5 has an expansion port that players can use to insert an M.2 SSD to increase the console’s storage space. But that will be available for later. The port is initially deactivated in the console software. “We’ll give you more details about this later,” promises Sony. The group adds that they will shortly be communicating the M.2 SSD types compatible with the PS5.

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