PS5: The fan adapts with updates

Sony recently disassembled the PlayStation 5, which provides an overview of the components including the large fan. It has a diameter of 120 mm and a height of 45 mm. Today Sony announces that its PS5 fan will adapt with updates depending on the game.

Yasuhiro Ootori, Head of Mechanical Design at Sony, announced this on the Japanese website 4Gamer. Sony will analyze the games released on PS5 and collect data. This data is then examined to improve fan management. Updates to the console include improvements to ensure that the ventilator adapts optimally to each situation.

It’s interesting on paper and it means the PS5 gets a little quieter depending on the game. Conversely, it could be a little louder in the future if it is really necessary. This also means there is room for both directions with the fan speed.

In addition to the fan for cooling, Yasuhiro Ootori recalled that the engineering team had spent more than two years solving potential problems with using molten metal for the thermal interface material. The special type of liquid metal in the PS5 is a bespoke solution.