PS5: The next generation starts today for Sony … in the US and Japan

The countdown is on for Europe, but the start has already been made for Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, the USA, Canada and Mexico. In these 7 countries, the PlayStation 5 will be for sale this Thursday, November 12th, if the term “available” still makes sense in the context. In fact, there is no PS5 or PS5 Digital in stores, and stock at retailers is already exhausted. If we are to believe Reuters, the PS5 was sold out worldwide even before that launch was decidedly more symbolic than anything else.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

The manufacturer has not specified a date or time period for the replenishment, which still raises concerns that new stock will not be available until next year. The launch of the PS5 is slated for November 19th in Europe (and therefore France), but unfortunately there is little chance that availability will improve by that date. The console will be “available” in two models. The digital PS5 does not come with a Blu-ray player and costs 400 euros, which is 100 euros less than the standard PS5.