PS5, Xbox Series X / S: Micromania will finally have a collection in store

In light of the outcry caused yesterday by the new sales process for the PS5, Micromania is now shifting gears. So, finish off console prepayment and shipping costs. Micromania announces that it will actually be possible to restore the PS5 in stores on launch day, also in full safety: “Following the government announcements last night, all our teams are working on a solution.” contactless payment ”in many of our branches. We will inform you about the implementation shortly. Customers who have reserved or pre-ordered an Xbox series for in-store pickup will be contacted quickly to set up November 10th pickup / delivery terms with them.

Following the government announcements last night, all of our teams in a large number of our branches are working on a contactless withdrawal solution. We will inform you about the implementation shortly.

– Micromania-Zing (@Micromania_Fr), October 30, 2020

Incidentally, Micromania solves one of the main reasons for the dissatisfaction of the buyers of the PS5: “After all, yesterday we asked you to pay the shipping costs for the shipping of the PlayStation 5. Do you know that the affected customers want to take advantage of our” contactless withdrawal solution ” will be contacted for reimbursement. “Good news rarely arrives alone. We learn today that FNAC will continue to open its doors while in custody (authorized sales of computers, smartphones and tablets). This means it will undoubtedly be possible to have one there Xbox Series X using All Access.

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