PS5, Xbox Series X / S: sales figures in Japan (it’s not famous)

The often informed Famitsu has managed to get his hands on the sales figures for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S in Japan. The least we can say is that it is not very famous. In Japan’s first 4 days of sales, exactly 118,085 PS5 would have passed, compared to 20,534 Xbox Series X / S in the first 6 days of sales. The best-selling next-generation game in Japan is Spider-Man: Miles Morales (18,640 copies), followed by Demon’s Souls (18,607 copies).

We can therefore see that the Xbox Series X is already lagging far behind in Japan (which is not surprising), but most importantly that this next-generation start is particularly sluggish. The PS4 had sold 322,083 copies when it was launched in Japan, in just two days! Even the weak Xbox One had reached 23,652 units in 4 days … While stocks are high, these numbers do not really match what the manufacturers say. Either we are told about the cracks in sales, or Japan has become a very special country, with gamers avoiding home consoles en masse in order to only use the portable consoles signed by Nintendo.

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