PSVR 2: Sony distances itself from virtual reality

Since the PS5 announcement, it’s an understatement to say that Sony doesn’t communicate much about the PlayStation VR and its potential successor. The lack of a new version of PS Move (much criticized for lack of an analog stick), the poverty of PSVR spending for 2 years and a silence that more than weighs on the compatibility of PS5 games with the PSVR reinforced the idea that Sony has come to distance itself from VR games.

Jim Ryan really isn’t into PSVR

The latest interview with Jim Ryan in the Wall Street Journal columns is unlikely to dispel any doubts: “I think we are more than a few minutes away from the future of virtual reality. PlayStation believes in virtual reality. Sony believes in virtual reality, and we believe that at some point in the future, virtual reality will be an integral part of interactive entertainment. Will that change happen this year? No. Next year ? No. But will it ever come? We believe in it. And we’re very happy with all of the experiences we’ve had with PlayStation VR. We can’t wait to see where it takes us in the future. “”

PSVR 2 already borrowed?

The words have meaning, and the terms used by the CEO here suggest that Sony has not yet launched a PlayStation VR 2 project, if such a project is ever on the table. We also need to understand that virtual reality is not an “integral part of interactive entertainment” for Sony today, which leaves you wondering to say the least. It is now accepted that the PlayStation VR 2 will not be announced in 2021 or 2022 and that nothing has been decided in the following years.

For PSVR enthusiasts, and even for those who bought a PS4 / PS4 Pro for the PSVR, it’s a cold shower. If the PSVR 2 were on the right track in the long run, Sony would have at least lost a word to easily attract a few more PS5 buyers.