Reconfinement: Download the travel certificate here

The government just put the new hire travel certificate online. It is available in digital format from his smartphone. You can also use the paper size for printing or copying by hand.

Reasons available with the certificate

The available patterns are as follows:

– Travel between home and the place of work or business that cannot be postponed[2];;

– Travel to buy supplies necessary for professional activity, basic needs [3] in companies whose activities are still authorized (list on, and home deliveries;
– Consultations and care that cannot be provided remotely and cannot be postponed, as well as the purchase of medicines;

– Travel for compelling family reasons, to support vulnerable and precarious people or to look after children;

– Travel for people with disabilities and their companions;

– Short trips within one hour per day and within a maximum radius of one kilometer around the house, which are either connected to the individual physical activity of the people, excluding any collective sports practice and any proximity to other people, either for a walk with only people that are grouped in the same house or for the needs of pets.

– judicial or administrative summons and meeting in a public service;

– Participation in missions of general interest at the request of the Managing Authority;

– Travel to pick up children from school and during their after-school activities;

Download the certificate for the new hire

The certificate is available now on the government website by clicking here. There are three models: exceptional travel certificate, proof of professional travel and proof of school travel.

If you want to complete the certificate from your smartphone, click here.