Reconfinement: Orange’s internet network is in great demand

During this redesign, the French are placing high demands on the Internet, telephone and television. For orange, peaks similar to those of the first limit are used.

“Yes, the networks are working well and the networks have held up well this year,” said Fabienne Dulac, Manager of Orange France, at the microphone of Europa 1. “We have networks that are used to seeing top audiences Consumption is increasing 40% every year, so we are used to building networks that adapt, ”she added.

Despite this statement, there were some difficulties with the initial lockdown. According to Fabienne Dulac, the problem was the link between the operators. The difficulties arose from the “tripling” of voice calls, a phenomenon that occurs again and again today. “Since Thursday we’ve been seeing the high points of the first restriction both in language and on the Internet and on television platforms. The curfew had already changed consumer behavior, ”says the Orange France manager.

In any case, Fabienne Dulac assures us: Everything that is necessary for the networks to work. “All means have been put in to adapt over time to the usage of customers who have exploded and will continue to explode,” she said.

For Orange, France is the leading European country for fibers

When it comes to the internet, not all houses are in the same boat. Some have ADSL, others have fiber, and others have to do something different. “France is now the country with the most fiber in Europe,” defended Fabienne Dulac. “It took us 50 years to deploy the copper network. It will take us 20 to 30 years to deploy the fiber optic network, ”she explains. She continues: “Today we have 10,000 technicians on site. They are all mobilized. In April we carried out a million interventions. “According to her, 2020 will be” a crucial year “.