Salto drew 100,000 users in less than a month

The French streaming service Salto, launched almost a month ago, has 100,000 users. It’s a decent start for a streaming platform, especially given the aggressive competition. These include Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video.

Similar debut between Netflix and Salto

Le Figaro recalls that in 2014 it took Netflix two weeks to reach 100,000 users in France. It was another time, particularly in France, where video-on-demand subscription (SVOD) was not democratized. It is today. Netflix alone claims to have almost 7 million French subscribers. Somersault still has a little leeway for that.

But you have to be careful with Salto’s 100,000 users. In fact, none of them are paying today. In fact, the streaming service offers a free month. This ends the day after tomorrow for the first users. It will be interesting to see how many stay on somersault and therefore pay a subscription. There are three offers with prices between € 6.99 / month and € 12.99 / month.

The use of users on somersault

In addition to the number of users, there is the profile. Thomas Follin, CEO of Salto, explains that a quarter of users over 50 and 60% are between 25 and 49 years old. 82% of users also live outside Paris. “They are fairly distributed between urban and non-urban areas in all regions of France,” explains the market leader. “This is proof that Salto is a popular offer. This is not the prerogative of urban CSP +, ”he adds.

Additionally, the manager states that users spend an average of more than 2 hours per day doing somersaults. On weekends it takes up to 2 hours and 30 minutes. “This trend is increasing. We also find that households using the platform connect an average of 10 times a week. These first returns are very promising and prove that Salto is anchored in the uses after its introduction, ”says Thomas Follin.

Other data are transmitted. In private households, between two and six screens are connected to somersault. 30% of the consumption takes place directly on the television. The streaming service also lands on connected televisions and operator boxes. Salto has already signed an agreement with one of the operators, but his name remains a secret.

Finally, Thomas Follin announces that more than 50% of the programs seen are French creations. In addition to series and fiction, 35% of consumption relates to entertainment, magazines and documentaries.