Samsung Galaxy S21: Production would begin

It’s gone for the production of Samsung Galaxy S21. According to WinFuture, Samsung recently started mass production of its new high-end smartphones, which will be released in early 2021.

Significant quantities of components have been produced in factories since last Wednesday. More specifically, these are small components made by third parties on behalf of Samsung. They would currently be sent to Samsung factories in Vietnam and South Korea.

Among the components in question we find the photo sensors of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung’s production for the first would have started earlier for the second. The “standard” Galaxy S21 should be added soon.

In any case, Samsung is starting mass production of its Galaxy S21 a little earlier than usual. This reinforces the idea that new phones will be available for purchase in advance. The manufacturer usually announces its new high-end smartphones in February. For the Galaxy S21, rumors speak of a presentation in January 2021.

A few rumors here and there suggest that Samsung is stepping forward to investigate Huawei’s problems with US sanctions. Hence the earlier production and availability for the Galaxy S21. But of course Samsung doesn’t say anything on the subject.