SFR 5G packages presented: € 95 for unlimited internet

SFR’s 5G packages have been leaked and are the same as Orange’s in terms of price. In reality, the offers are identical with two small exceptions.

The different SFR 5G packages and their prices

SFR is planning four 5G packages:

40 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS + 80 GB internet 50 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS + 100 GB internet 65 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS + 150 internet GB 95 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS and internet.

At Orange there is a doctorate for the first year. We don’t yet know whether it will be the same with SFR or whether the above prices are valid from the first billing.

Official price for 5G packages:

(2 operators at the moment, the others will come later)

– Tiino-X83 (@ TiinoX83) November 14, 2020

The operator’s basic package with the red logo is 10 GB more than orange. Plus, for € 95 / month, the offer includes unlimited internet … provided you use it correctly. From SFR’s standardized information sheet, it is clear that the customer will be notified via SMS if it is continuously used to overload the network. In the event of a repeated crime, the customer will no longer have unlimited internet access and their internet access will be limited to 100 GB per month. This is not the case with Orange (at least for now).

5G will debut in France on November 18th. Orange has already announced that it will activate its network that day. But SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile are not saying anything on the subject at the moment.