SFR activates its 5G network and Nice starts

SFR launches 5G in Nice today. It is the first French city to benefit from broad coverage of the new cellular network. “As of today, just over 50% of the city of Nice will be covered by 5G,” said Grégory Rabuel, manager of SFR, on the microphone of BFM Business.

Montpellier, Bordeaux, Nantes, Marseille and the greater Paris area will be the next cities to be covered by SFR in 5G, the operator said. It also revealed its 5G plans. This is in line with those that leaked a few days ago:

40 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS + 80 GB internet 50 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS + 100 GB internet 65 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS + 150 internet GB 95 € / month: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS and internet

So far, only Orange and Bouygues Telecom had communicated their consumer offers. The first will launch soon and the second will activate its 5G network on December 1st. There is talk of a start in “the coming weeks”.

Grégory Rabuel also mentioned the case of SFR’s 5G coverage in Paris. “We are ready to serve 90% of the population in Paris in the coming days, if we should ever reach an agreement with the city,” said the chairman. Mayor Anne Hidalgo “decided to hold a discussion forum with the Parisians in order to delay this departure a little. We are in talks as with many other churches, ”he added.