SFR RED 100 Gb Mobile Plan for 15 € and 1 Gb / s fiber for 23 €

According to Sosh, it is up to SFR RED to run two promotions for a mobile tariff and a fixed offer. As an exception, the operator breaks the prices compared to its various competitors.

100 GB cellular plan without obligation for 15 € / month

The cell phone price of € 15 / month includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The internet quota is more than satisfactory at 100 GB. It is similar to the countries of the European Union and the overseas departments. There are also unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. However, the internet quota is 10 GB. As a bonus, SFR RED offers the 100GB cloud storage option. And if you want, you can make 15 GB in Europe / DOM + unlimited calls to Switzerland, Andorra, the USA and Canada for € 5 / month.

The non-binding offer for the mobile phone price of € 15 / month is available on the SFR RED website. It will be offered until November 23rd.

ADSL or fiber optic plan without obligation from 16 € / month

On the fixed side we find an offer for 16 € / month in ADSL or 23 € / month in fiber optics. SFR RED usually has paid options including Debit Plus which allows you to have 1 Gbps to download and 500 Mbps to send. Usually it is 300/300 Mb / s. It also includes the option for unlimited cell phone calls. And to continue in the good news, the first month of subscription is offered.

In addition to the Internet and unlimited calls to cell phones, the offer includes unlimited calls to landlines to 100 destinations. For television there is an option of € 2 / month for 35 channels or € 4 / month for 100 channels.

The ADSL package for € 16 / month or € 23 / month in fiber optics is non-binding. The offer expires again on November 23. It is now available on the SFR RED website.