Snapchat adds the number of subscribers to the creator profile

Snapchat now likes Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks by showing the number of subscribers for the creators. This allows users to search a creator’s profile and view its popularity.

In a statement to Tubefilter, Snapchat said it had “listened to comments from our community of developers.” They wanted the number of Snapchat followers to be available on their profile and that is now a reality. They also wanted to show that their community is growing again, according to Snapchat.

Snapchat states that showing the number of subscribers is optional. “We understand that not all developers want public measurements to be visible to their fans. Therefore, creators can activate or deactivate this measure according to their requirements in their settings, ”says the social network.

Profile for Creators was released last September. They allow users to better understand the audience. We now find that the number of subscribers on some Snapchat accounts is counted in tens of millions of subscribers.

On Twitter, a user reveals that Kylie Jenner has 36.4 million subscribers. She seems to be the most visited person on Snapchat.

Kylie is still the most visited person on Snapchat by far?

– Mike Metzler (@MTZLER) November 3, 2020