Sony announces that there will be no PS5 in stock on launch day!

The rumor had been in the air for a few hours. So Sony has undoubtedly started one of the video game earthquakes of this year by announcing that on the day the console launches, that is November 12th (almost) everywhere, there will be NO PS5 in stores worldwide and November 19th in Europe . A statement was posted on PlayStation Blog: “There will be no units available for purchase on launch day (November 12th or 19th, depending on your region). Please do not plan on camping or standing in line.” at your local dealer on launch day in the hope of finding a PS5 console to buy. Be careful, stay home and place your order online. “”

Sony is therefore trying to pass the lack of PS5 in stores as a general health measure, but the persistent shortage of inventory in online sales seems to confirm rather the most pessimistic rumors: Sony has already sold all PS5 inventories for the current year (during the first Precos), and no new arrivals are expected before 2021! Sony’s warning does not affect a priori PS5 orders already placed with retailers (such as Micromania in France), even if some players saw their order validated and declined a few days later. This year-end promises to be really messy.

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