Sosh Mobile Plan: 70 and 100 GB from € 14.99 / month

Sosh introduces two new offers for its no-obligation cellular plans. This applies to plans with 70 GB and 100 GB of Internet. It is available from € 14.99 / month, even after the first year.

The first offer includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It also has an internet quota of 70 GB in mainland France. From Europe and the overseas departments, calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited. The quota for the Internet is 10 GB. The offer is available through December 14th for € 14.99 / month on the Sosh website.

The second offering is broadly similar. The real difference is on the internet with a 100GB envelope. It’s 15 GB from Europe and the DOM. This package costs € 20.99 / month on the Sosh website. Here, too, the offer is valid until December 14th.

Note that there is also a 70GB plan for € 24.99 / month. It is currently not on sale. Presence can also be surprising when compared to the other two offerings given their prices. But this has an additional advantage: unlimited calls to Switzerland, Andorra, the USA and Canada. If he looks at you, you can find him on Sosh’s side.