Spotify: Artists can advertise their music in the recommendations

Spotify will continue to develop its recommendations as artists promote their music. Previously, the streaming service only relied on several elements to determine which recommendations to make.

Artists and labels can identify music that is their priority. The Spotify system adds this information to its algorithm that determines personalized listening sessions. Thus, the music in question could end up in the recommendations of certain Spotify users according to their music tastes.

Spotify states that this is initially an experiment. It is understood that changing the recommendations will affect some users. But of course everyone will have the change if the feedback is positive.

Of course, one can wonder if the big artists and record labels are not given priority. After all, they have a lot of money. But Spotify assures us: there is no money to highlight a music in the recommendations. On the other hand, the artist has to accept a different payment. There is the “normal” remuneration and the remuneration if a piece of music is included in the recommendations. This is less because the presence in the new starts is a kind of promotion.

Spotify states that the number of games is analyzed in the recommendations. If a piece of music doesn’t attract many people, it will be removed from the list.