Spotify buys megaphones and invests in podcasts

Spotify continues to invest in the podcast industry by buying megaphones. The streaming service spent $ 235 million on this American host.

Megaphone was founded in 2015 by the Slate media group under the name Panoply and no longer produces podcasts itself. However, it does offer a paid publication platform that connects content producers and advertisers. Spotify will offer its real-time technology for inserting ads on the Megaphone platform. With this technology, “podcast producers can offer advertisers a more valuable audience,” explains the streaming service.

Megaphone’s technology, adapted in real time, makes it possible to send more targeted advertisements to the listener, which the advertiser is therefore willing to pay more. “This is the first time the technology has been offered by a third party,” explains Spotify.

Spotify’s announcements about podcasts don’t stop anyway. Earlier this week, we noticed that the service was considering adding a paid subscription to podcasts. And if you look in the rearview mirror, Spotify’s investments in podcasts are plentiful: over $ 800 million. It really counts on it, and it’s the only streaming service that believes it so much.