Spotify is considering a paid subscription to podcasts

Spotify may well start one or more paid subscriptions to podcasts. In any case, this is recommended by a survey sent to certain users of the streaming service. Several prices are being considered.

We will discuss four paid podcast offers priced between $ 3 and $ 8 per month. The first offer would give access to exclusive interviews and episodes. But there would still be advertising. Conversely, the most expensive formula, according to Spotify, would provide “high quality original content”. Subscribers would also have early access to certain podcasts. And there would be no advertising for the price.

It is important to indicate that these are subscriptions to podcasts. The music range from Spotify is not one of them. This is separate and remains at the current price (€ 9.99 / month).

It looks like the Premium Podcast plan is ad-free and a mix of exclusive additional content priced between $ 3 and $ 8.

– Andrew Wallenstein (@awallenstein) November 6, 2020

Currently, Spotify is refusing to say whether it will actually launch podcast subscription offers. It is a work in progress, but nothing says it will work.

We definitely find that Spotify continues to genuinely believe in podcasts. The service has included them alongside music for some time. He’s also got his hands on some podcasts to have them exclusively on his platform. In addition, films and series will be adaptations of Spotify podcasts.