Stargate: Series fan recreates a “functional” miniature Stargate

Kristian Tysee is a real fan of the Stargate SG-1 series, such an ultimate fan that thanks to 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, JBL speakers and … a lot of work, he was able to recreate a mini Stargate. It took no less than 18 months of DIY and soldering to make this nearly fully functional stargate. The rafters of the arch come to life according to the cryptograms entered on the mini control station (dial-home device), while an LED system gives the illusion of depth and thus a world parallel to the world in Chapai, just like in the film or in the series . Tysee even 3D printed the Goa’uld tablet!

To top it off, a mini-JBL speaker connected to the Raspberry Pi plays excerpts from the series’ soundtrack! The attention to detail and workmanship (the 3D elements are all realistically painted) make these DIY goodies a real gem. Kristian Tysee also showed a remarkable sense of recycling: our genius fan used a DELL mini round keyboard for the control station! Outstanding.

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