State of Play: 12 minutes of playing time for the great Demon’s Souls

The Demon’s Souls remaster will undoubtedly be THE launch game for the PlayStation 5. The 2009 masterpiece of software released on PS3 benefits from an excellent port from the studio. Sony’s newest State of Play returned to the title a few days before the launch (and the launch of the PS5), so it gives us 12 minutes of gameplay to be amazed, even if the minimum of honesty obliges to say that this superb customization doesn’t do much better than the technical tenors of the PS4 (God of War, Death Stranding, or even TLoU2). In other words, it’s very pretty, but we still see we’re at the beginning of the generation.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

The spoilers are numerous (for those who have not yet awarded the game platinum, of course) and it is easy to spot the iconic places of the cult game, such as the doors of Boletaria, Rochecroc, the Tower of Latria, the sanctuary of storms or even the Val Fangeux. Since it (unfortunately) already seems to be the standard on PS5, the game can be played in “rendering” and “performance” mode, ie in native 4K, more graphics effects (but without RT) and 30 fps for the mode. “Full view” and 60 fps, (much) fewer effects and “upscaled” 4K for the performance mode. And a mode that doesn’t look like the PS4 Pro is boosted to 60 fps, is that possible? And bah … no.