Take-Two buys Codemasters Studio for nearly $ 1 billion

Crucially, the billions of dollars in the recent takeover bids appear rather “trendy”. Take-Two Interactive, the video game giant that already owns 2K and Rockstar Games, has just targeted Codemasters, a studio that specializes in racing games (Dirt, F1, Micro Machines). This buyback, which would amount to $ 994 million, will finalize in the first quarter of 2021. Take-Two justifies the process by stating that the Codemasters offer will also strengthen the publisher’s โ€œSportโ€ catalog. Titles from 2K Games (NBA2K).

Take-Two buys Codemasters and its racing games for $ 1 billion.

The increasing prevalence of buy-back business confirms that times of crisis are conducive to this type of business. The “big ones” use the economic weakness of the “small ones” to devour them raw. Just remember that a few weeks ago, on behalf of Xbox Game Pass, giant Microsoft swallowed a ZeniMax / Bethesda in small form (but full of creative studios).

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