Targeted television advertising comes to Orange and France Télévisions

Segmented TV made its debut in France with targeted advertising on France Télévisions channels for Orange customers. Both groups gave the go-ahead this summer and now it’s off. You’re not the only one interested in it: Bouygues Telecom and Google are also working on it.

An Orange customer who sees France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 or Franceinfo is entitled to targeted advertising. This means that the programs he watched have been pre-analyzed to find out his tastes. So some customers have an ad, others have another ad at the same time, and so on. It all depends on individual tastes and habits.

10 advertisers participate in Orange and France Télévisions’ targeted advertising program. We find :

Carte Noire (Dentsu) EDF (Havas Media) Engie (Blue 449) Harrys (OMD) Intermarché (Publicis) Orange Protected House (Havas Media) PSA (GroupM) Reckitt Benckiser Health Care (Dentsu) Renault (OMD) Sanofi (GroupM)

According to Orange, the pilot phase of targeted advertising has already started and will last until the end of the year. “Segmented television opens the way for new advertising experiences that increase the attractiveness of television media,” says Marianne Siproudhis, Managing Director of France TV Publicité. Orange is considered to be an “innovative offer for the advertising market and a technological service for operators”. It took almost two years to develop.

Data for targeted advertising with Orange and France Télévisions

The question may arise: where does each customer’s data come from? France Télévisions states that the data collection was previously carried out by Orange from its TV subscribers. However, this affects a certain percentage, and not all. However, Orange and France Télévisions consider that this is enough for targeted advertising.