Tenet will be available on digital platforms in the US from December 15th

Tenet failed to save the cinema, and it probably doesn’t have much to do with it. Granted, Christopher Nolan’s cryptic SF movie isn’t exactly the kind of blockbuster that is pushing people back to theaters en masse, but successive bans and pandemic fears remain the real culprits. Tenet has managed to collect almost 350 million US dollars internationally (of which only 54 million US dollars in the US), which of course for a film that was produced with 200 million US dollars (+ 100 million US dollars) extremely low is estimated dollars for marketing). Recall that in the year of its release, Nolan’s Batman had amassed more than a billion dollars.

In the face of this failure, Warner decided to put the film up for sale (mostly in advance). Tenet will therefore be released on December 15th on 4K UHD Blu-Ray and DVD … only in the US. Nolan’s film will also be released on digital platforms (iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc.) on the same day. The prices are pretty high: Tenets Blu-Ray is billed at $ 36! The film is accompanied by a one-hour behind-the-scenes function.

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