Tesla’s AutoPilot is behind General Motors’ Super Cruise, says Consumer Report

It will therefore not have taken the competition long to update itself. In their most recent study, done in partnership with Reuters, the famous Consumer Report organization found that General Motors’ Super Cruise driver assistance system is more effective than Tesla’s AutoPilot, especially when it comes to checking if the The driver remains alert to what is happening on the road.

The Cadillac CT6 (“IA” Super Cruise) has a total of 69 points, while the Y (AutoPilot) model has a good distance with 57 points. Consumer Report therefore praises the infrared camera technology on board the Cadillac, which can be used to check whether the driver’s eyes are always on the road. Warnings will sound at regular intervals when the driver becomes less alert.

The Super Cruise would also be superior to the AutoPilot to indicate to the driver that they are disengaging (to revert to full manual control). During this disengagement step, GM’s AI combined a visual warning with a pre-mapping of geolocation information, while AutoPilot was happy with a discreet change to the icon on the dashboard. On the other hand, AutoPilot would keep the advantage in terms of ease of use and control.

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