The brave browser reaches a milestone of 20 million users

The Brave browser continues to evolve, reaching the milestone of 20 million users. It has more than doubled its number of users in a year. Brave version 1.0 was released in November 2019.

Word of mouth works well for Brave. The browser had 8.7 million users in the same period a year ago. You are now 20.5 million. Of that number, there are seven million daily active users. They were three million at the same time last year.

Brave claims to have positive feedback on their internet browser. It’s also the top rated browser on the Play Store for Android phones. On the iOS side, the number of daily active users has increased 34% since iOS 14. The update allows users to set Brave (or another app) as their default browser. This made it possible to increase its usage.

Brave uses Chromium, the same engine as Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It is based on data protection with an ad and tracker blocker. It also prevents videos from automatically playing, provides HTTPS Everywhere, and blocks the device’s fingerprint. Brave can also initiate private browsing over the Tor network.

Not everything is perfect for Brave

But everything is far from perfect. In June, Brave was caught in the bag while modifying his users’ links. The browser would add an affiliate code to make money. This involved buying cryptocurrencies on multiple platforms, including Binance. It turns out that the users were completely unaware of this practice.

Brave apologized after the link change. “We are clearly not perfect, but we are quickly correcting the trajectory,” said Brendan Eich, the group’s founder and leader. He noted that a “entered URL must go to the named domain with no additions”.