The French government launches a website to facilitate the creation of an online sales platform

In the face of the worst economic crisis since the post-war period, small businesses often have no solution but to temporarily close the business (if it isn’t permanent) or to adapt. the possibilities of online sales and home delivery. To facilitate this transition to digital commerce, the government has just launched a website that must provide clear solutions to these often confused professionals.

Clique-Mon-Commerce offers several tools for creating merchant sites

The Clique-Mon-Commerce website therefore offers tools adapted to all activity profiles (self-employed, restaurateurs, retailers, etc.). Professionals can choose a turnkey solution with an integrated PayLib payment system (free for three years). However, it is still possible, for example, to set up a website for referencing or even to stay in contact with customers.

In addition to the support of PayLib, the website can also count on the platform of the post office “My city, my shopping”, also with a free subscription during the detention period and reduced commissions. Finally, Wishibam offers its services without charging a commission (during the first 6 months of using the platform). Remember here that merchants affected by administrative closures can get a $ 500 technology check, which is still very little.