The GAFA are “the opponents of the states”, says Bruno Le Maire

Bruno Le Maire has a grudge against GAFA, namely Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. For the Minister of Economic Affairs these groups are “today the opponents of the states”.

“One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century (…) is the emergence of digital giants that are as powerful as states,” explained Bruno Le Maire at the Radio Classique microphone. The GAFA was “financially as powerful, technologically as powerful, commercially as powerful” as the states, explained the minister.

He recalled his fight “so that these digital giants are taxed at the same level as French companies”. He welcomes the fact that this objective is “now being passed on by the European Commission”. The minister assures us in passing that “we will win this fight”. He believes that this fight against GAFA is not only economic but also political, social and financial.

The 137 member countries of the OECD did not reach an agreement on the taxation of GAFA in October before the end of 2020. This is mainly due to the United States’ blocking of the discussions. Bruno Le Maire said in September that he hoped that a European solution could be found next year.

In the meantime, France has introduced a 3% tax on the turnover of these large groups. GAFAs tend to consolidate their profits in countries with the most favorable taxation such as Ireland. France wants to end it its own way.