The PS5 does not support 1440p out of the box

Sony relies heavily on 4K for its PS5. Microsoft is doing the same with its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. But not everyone has a screen with that definition. And for these people we need to sort out a trait for native 1440p support on PS5.

Indeed, Sony IGN Italy has announced that its PS5 will manage 1080p and 4K natively, but not 1440p. As a result, players using a 1440p monitor with the console have upscaled 1080p. This decision is certainly not ideal, especially since many people have such monitors.

One may wonder if Sony has not been able to correct the situation with a future software update of its PS5. It might be technically possible. However, at this time the group is not disclosing any specific information on the matter.

What about Microsoft’s side with its consoles? The Xbox One supports 1440p natively. This also applies to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X. Therefore, this argument may be of interest to gamers with a 1440p monitor.

The PS5 and PS5 Digital Editions will both be available on November 19th. The first is $ 499.99 and the second is $ 399.99.