The well-respected Colin Firth in the cast of Zombie Brother

The highly respected Colin Firth has relaxed a bit in his roles in recent years. The British actor, Oscar winner for his impressive portrayal of King George VI. In the drama King’s Speech (2011), has become much more popular since his role as Harry Hart in the first two episodes of Kingsman. The inevitable Colin takes a new step in “coolness”: The actor will actually appear in New York Eat You Live, a horror comedy by Todd Strauss-Schulson (Scream Girls).

This footage is the film adaptation of the Chinese webcomic and the anime Zombie Brother. The first two seasons of Zombie Brother garnered billions of views, suggesting the film could be one of the big blockbusters of 2021. Zombie Brother tells the story of Bai Xiaofei, a young geek who is looking for his fiancée in a zombie-infested city. It is not yet known what role Colin Firth will play, but his participation in the film fulfills Adam Fogelson, CEO of STXfilms, the company that produces the film. The latter believes New York Eat You Live will allow the actor “to have fun while showing off his impassive humor and comedic timing.”

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