These robotic dolphins could soon replace water park animals

We told you about it a few months ago: In the near future, Edge Innovation’s robot dolphins will be able to replace animals that are trapped in water parks. In some parks, the move to robots will even be a necessity: more and more countries are banning the breeding of this type of marine mammal (including France) in captivity. Robot dolphins are constantly evolving and their movements are even more natural. These gems of animatronics and robotics now have a price too, and the bill is far salty than sea water: in fact, going out on a cyber pinball machine costs between $ 3 million and $ 5 million.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

That particularly large amount could remove small water parks from the equation. These humble parks therefore risk keeping their little captives for long periods of time. The idea seemed good on paper, but it is mostly for the most popular large parks. Without a real alternative solution, the less fortunate parks seem doomed to disappear, more or less in the short term …

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