This robotic snake can grab objects of all kinds

Researchers at the University of New South Wales (Australia) have succeeded in developing a type of robotic snake that can grip objects of very different shapes and weights. The structure of this robot horn is made of a flexible material, the shape of which changes depending on the heat. Extremely sensitive force sensors are integrated into this structure. Depending on the detected surface, the robot wraps itself more or less tightly around the object.

The grip strength is already impressive compared to the size of the robot. The latter can actually detect objects in the range of a few tens to several hundred grams. Furthermore, this new type of technology would prove to be much less complex to implement than robotic hands, which are completely shielded with sensors … and at the same time are more efficient. Researchers are already envisioning possible applications in the medical field. This new goal necessarily requires an improvement in the degree of miniaturization of the robot.

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